Diabetes has become a global epidemic with 1 person being diagnosed every 5 minutes. 
We need to raise awareness to this disease and combine all our experiences with people from all over the world to overcome diabetes by helping each other.
For me personally, I have 2 kids under 4 that were recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. To give them a better quality of life and better management, I created this page to lean on everybody’s experience and to learn from people that are living it on a daily basis. In return, I will share the knowledge I find, learn and research, to help others also. 
My goal is to provide a platform where everybody can share their experience, provide advice and support, to both old and newly diagnosed diabetics.
At the very least, I would love for more people around the world to be more aware of this disease and if the need ever arose, someone was able to save a life from the information they have learned from this site.
Thank you for your support.